Bloggers Event at Love Niche

Since my blog started, this will be my third blog post about Love Niche.  That tells me that I'm obviously very much loving it.  I was invited along to a bloggers event hosted in the Love Niche studio.  I've blabbed on previously about why you should visit - and it still stands.  The studio is just one massive walk in wardrobe of loveliness.  I would be happy just moving in full time.

I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous gowns on the rail here - they were all divine.

The stag necklace is fantastic for Autumn/Winter - perfect over a plain sweater or to add to a party outfit - one of my favourite accessories.

The event started how any fashion event should - a glass of champagne and an array of treats.  The treats were from my new favourite place - Deli Delivered (from my recommendation on twitter and previous blog post!).

After a pre-show mingle with the bloggers and pouring over the gorgeous clothes in the studio, the models then rocked the designs for us all to see.  The fashion show was a glimpse into the ever broadening portfolio of designs.  There was a lot of sparkle, glamour and style - all what you would expect!

In true Love Niche style, the goody bag was exceptional!  The only piece missing from the photo was the Deli Delivered chocolate tash - which was consumed very quickly.

There is also something very special happening soon...


If you would like to experience your own Love Niche time, there are a series of events happening, completely free of charge.  

To attend, you must RSVP as spaces are very limited.

K x


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