Happy (new) Year!

So this is 2014.

This will be the one post in a million regarding reflection on 2013, and hopes for 2014. So if you can't beat them, join them.

What 2013 meant for me...
- the start of High Tea and Heels
- my first home (apartment actually but it's the same)
- the most Michelin star establishments I've ever dined in
- new job
- my first (good) camping experience
Also, here's what I've been up to on the 'break from the blog'...

I chose to spend some of my Christmas in Edinburgh with the other half.
I love that place like you wouldn't believe. The main purpose of the trip was to eat great food, and it did not disappoint. The first stop was lunch at Restaurant Martin Wishart. Oh my days, go. The food was divine, and even for the smaller of purses, fantastic value for a 3 course lunch including canapes and amuse bouche. Our next find was Miros Cantina on Rose Street. They won me over before giving me any food with this darling tablecloth. The food was amazing, great for a quick shopping break bite to eat.

Saturday evening was kept for my two favourite evening hangouts in Edinburgh; The Bon Vivant (Thistle Street) and Bramble (Queen Street). After eating pretty much non-stop since arriving in the city, The Bon Vivant 'bites' were perfect for what we needed. They also do fantastic clean cocktails. By clean, I mean not a concoction of as many ingredients as you can find to justify the price. My favourite being No3 Gin with Orange Bitters and Fever-Tree Tonic, at less than £4. What's not to love? I love the electric atmosphere in there too.
Now Bramble, is another matter. It took us ages of walking up and down Queen Street on our last visit to find it, however this time we spotted a bouncer at the top the stairs of what looked like a basement flat. We found it! There's no sign on the door, so only the cool kids in the know are in there, and they don't pack it full of people so you can find a seat! They have a huge number of gins, perfect for me! I opted for a Gin with Dandelion and Burdock bitters (didn't even know that existed!) and then asked the bartender for a recommendation with Gin and Ginger. It was delicious. The music was 90's R&B - perfect for my signature 'sitting on a stool' dance moves. I will almost definitely be going back next time.
Sunday was reserved for one place only; The Scran and Scallie. I could go on and on about how good the food is, however all I'm going to do is show you this show-stopper Beef Pie, which says it all.

That's enough of my food holiday, back to New Year talk.

What 2014 holds...
- who knows!!!

I have no preconception that 2014 is going to be any bigger or better than the last, no high expectation of anything; just looking forward to enjoying it! We spend so much time trying to plan and building everything up that we almost lose sight of the small things that matter. The term 'here's to new beginnings' annoys me immensely. Does it mean that you want to forget the previous year? Do you want to throw everything you have away and start again? How about being thankful and grateful for the past year, and hope that you have it all again the following year?  

So, with my philosophical rant over, I'm toasting not to new beginnings, just more of the same old that I love so much.

K x