Tea that's worth a trip for...

It's common knowledge to anyone that knows me that I love tea. I also love Edinburgh. It's with no surprise that while on a city break I will hunt down a lovely tea room or coffee shop. Not entirely sure why one is a room and one is a shop, but these details don't really keep me awake at night.

There is one place that holds a dear place in my heart - Lovecrumbs, 155 West Port. There are other places, sure; but only Lovecrumbs allows you to step back in time, throw on an Aran jumper and order that extra slice of chocolate tart once you've finished your gigantic scone. I am also ever thankful to the wonderful Kate Emmett for recommending this wonderful place.


When you walk in, you're met with an open 70's wardrobe of loveliness, filled with cakes and sweet treats to choose from. You find yourself an old battered chair, make yourself comfortable and be jealous of your own self enjoying such delight in what you have selected to eat.

I started with tea obviously. Now I know they have a wonderfully wide selection, but in my opinion you can't beat good English Breakfast. What I loved about it was the beautifully mismatched tea crockery, and the lovely hanger bags that pressed me to buy some in La Grande Epicerie during my recent trip to Paris. More of the holiday jaunts later - we have tea and baked goods to talk about here.

To accompany my tea, I thought it best to start with something savoury - like this massive cheese scone.  Beautifully baked (no soggy bottoms here) and full of delicious cheesiness. My eyes literally doubled in size when I clocked the pots of butter and, my mate, Marmite.

After being sufficiently savouried, I moved on to the sublime chocolate and pink peppercorn tart. Oh my days - it was chocolatey, it was peppery, it was delicious.

For more information on Lovecrumbs, visit the website here

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