Bowled over by Lane 7

Speak to any one of my colleagues and they will tell you I never shut up about one place. If anyone needs a recommendation for something to do in Newcastle - I recommend one place. Any night out that is merely hinted at - I insist on one place.

It's a mixture of things that has got me hook, line and sinker with this one. The canny logo that flips upside down to read the same, the funky interior design, the belly busting food, the cocktails, the lot. Oh, and they do bowling. Not just any bowling - boutique bowling. Hoy the word boutique in to any equation and I'm there. I like to pretend I have a certain level of pretense, and going here instead of here makes me feel all fashionista 'n' that. They also have pool, ping pong and a karaoke room. For the short term, there's mini golf in the Ball Room downstairs. The Ball Room can also be hired for private shindigs.

My first visit was a surprise night out for Jeff bagging his new job. Congrats pet! He still paid half and I had an amazing night = win win.

We started with one game of bowling. Bowling to me is normally boring, but when it's boutique bowling - it makes all the difference. You get a nicely styled ball, a cool table to hold your cool drinks in cool glasses. It's cool. I had a great start, but had to pretend to peak too soon and let Jeff win - it was his night after all. Bless him. Pro tip: take advantage of table service drinks - it makes bowling so much more fun with Processo in between bowls.

We were then escorted to the restaurant for re-fuelling. More drinks and a food menu that puts Man v Food to shame. One word can only sum up this menu: IMMENSE. When you read it, you instantly want all of it on one massive plate. Any table manners need to be hung up in the cloak room - you get involved and you get messy at their tables. Here's some of the food I've had the last couple of times I've been:

Pit Beans and Toast = meaty goodness

Pint of Whitebait = fishy goodness
Mac and Cheese = cheesy goodness
Chicken in the background, yes that is a paintbrush
Burger with Creamed Corn = meaty goodness
The presentation is great - I love the use of the tankard glasses and metal trays. Not wanting to sound like Jamie Oliver here, but there are big flavours with every bite. I've heard a new menu is being released soon (8th May-ish?) which I'm sure will be even better.

Their cocktail menu is all about the Hard Shakes - I tried the Julipo, which was Bourbon, Mint Liqueur, Mint and Ice Cream. Very easy drinking, as in it disappeared within about 2 minutes.

It is with no surprise, that during the time of drinking our way through the Bar Menu, the decision was made to hire the karaoke room for an hour. I have to point out that the decision was all mine at this stage. There was severe resistance from the other half, however give that boy a microphone and a stage, and that boy will sing his little heart out.

By about midnight, we hit the road in a taxi and made a note of when our next visit would be.

So readers, hey why don't you go to Lane 7? It's mint.

K x