French Connection Newcastle #canthelpmyselfie Event

Thanks to the lovely lass about town Lauren Archer, I was invited along to one of the most bizarre events I've ever attended. If someone said to you - here do you fancy hoying on some clothes and taking a photo of yourself to be projected on Grainger Street? You would run a mile. Whilst that was the basic jist of the evening, added to the mix was hair styling by Regis, make up by Benefit, drinks, canapes and cupcakes - along with some top deck work by DJ LKP. All the cool kids were going, and the thought of a goody bag was too good to miss.

Once you had a drink and some nibbles, you were let loose in French Connection to pick any outfit you wanted. This was my idea of heaven! The only downside being - I'm not the skinniest of lasses, and the skimpy dresses wouldn't really suit my ample curvature - so my options were pretty limited for a dressy up outfit. I also wanted something I felt comfortable in if I was to be snapped at every angle. After a spruce up from the Regis and Benefit team I felt a million dollars - especially after a hard day in the office it was great to be fussed over for half an hour. All dolled up, we were escorted to a booth to take our selfies.

Here is the breakdown of my outfit of choice:

Polly Plains Pleated Top - £25
Also available in hot pink
The beads (French Connection from a couple of years ago) and bangle my own 

Argan Rose Peg Leg Trousers - £70
Ellis 2 Embellished Heels - £105
The media campaign was huge - taking place in Newcastle, Manchester and London. It's still ongoing, and you can catch up with all of the goings on of #canthelpmyselfie over on their dedicated website. If you like the outfit I put together, you can either purchase online by the links on the images or visit French Connection, Grainger Street Newcastle.

Now for the cringe part - here's my selfie. I've never quite mastered the selfie - you will notice from my crook hand trying to take the picture, startled/confused look and my awkward mincer pose. The lovely blonde lass is my BFF Eleanor - I loved the backcombed bun by Regis - if only my hair was as cooperative to styling!

Huge well done to all who organised the event - it was mint! Here's some refreshing twitter links from the organisers for you...
French Connection
Lauren Archer

Thanks to Foto Couture for the photo - you can visit all of the photos from the evening on his Facebook page.

K x