Trendy football viewing - have a guess where at?

Anyone that knows me knows I love a bit of Lane 7. I sometimes wonder what filled the void in the days gone when it wasn't in our lives. That aside - IT'S HERE, EMBRACE IT READERS! I've blabbed on a lot about how great it is, and although its an easy post filler, that's not what I'm down for today.

Today, I spread the joy of how mint it was to watch World Cup games in the comfort and cool-ness of The Ball Room. Quite apt really.

Immense food
If you do get the munchies mid-match, there's a menu that would put Alan Richman in a cold sweat. We had already eaten before we went (mistake) so we opted for 'just a snack' of a bucket of sweet potato fries. I say 'just a snack' as we thought a bucket wouldn't really mean a bucket. Oh no, not in this crib. We got a bucket alright. The picture below doesn't do the size justice - this thing was packed full of salty crispy and fluffy goodness. So much so, we didn't even finish it - although we're canny so we shared the love with another table. For £7.50, you're in for a belly busting munchie eliminator.

Drinks, so many drinks
A Kanga Cool Box is £55 for 24 cans of international beer/lager/cider - you're hardly robbed, and a plus point is that you never need go to the bar - meaning you never miss a goal (unless the Sky box goes on to stand-by - let's hope someone's on to that next time!)

The actual football
I've mentioned football last, as let's be honest, I was only in it for the food and drinks. It was Brazil v Croatia, and the awkward point of the night was when I asked the other half where Ronaldo was. I love an England game, but it's not really my bag. However, there's massive screen to watch the games on, you're next to the bar if you haven't ordered a cool box and the atmosphere is electric. Win win (unless we're talking about the England game again).

Go, it's mint obviously, even if it is to watch the football!

K x