NE1's Restaurant Week - The Lowdown

It's back! NE1's Restaurant Week is back with a bang, and I have to say, it's the best range of restaurants yet.
From the 4th until the 10th August, you can indulge in Newcastle's finest food for only £10 (or £15) per person. The full foodie range is covered, and I want to share with you some of my top picks.

Blackfriars Restaurant
Offering: 2 courses for £10, 3 courses for £15

One of my most favourite haunts in Newcastle, Blackfriars keeps everything grounded with big, hearty flavours and heart warming portions. Fantastically tucked away in to one of the quietest parts of town, you can nestle in to the small nooks of the restaurant and prepare yourself for a feast. I've raved about the Potted Mackerel before, and their Sunday Lunches are not to be missed out on. The menu for Restaurant Week is busting! You will find the largest selection of dishes here, with my 3-course highlights being: Blackfriars Corned Beef, Horseradish, Confit Egg Yolk and Trompette Mushroom / North Sea Fish and Shellfish Pie, Honey Glazed Heritage Carrots / Sticky Toffee Pudding, Almond milk Ice Cream and Salted Caramel

Broad Chare
Offering: 2 courses for £10

Standard. We both love the Broad Chare and who doesn't?! It's the mix of laid back '21' dining, the variety of excellent drinks and a vibe of premium. I visited the Broad Chare during Restaurant Week a couple of years ago with the other half, and you can read about it here.

Coop Chicken House
Offering: Half Chicken, 2 sides and 2 shots for £10

I visited Coop in it's first week of opening. Of course, the other half reviewed it here, and it was great to see they took on board our feedback regarding the Corn on the Cob pretty much straight away. I loved it, and the homemade barbeque sauce on the table took quite a hammering by me for the succulent chicken. Prepare to get messy, this place is not for the dainty diner.

Electric East
Offering: 3 tapas for £10, 2 courses for £15

Electric East is one of Newcastle's gems. The restaurant itself is a haven of trippy vietnamese decor, the menu is always too tempting to choose from and the star of the show is the restaurants owner - Mark Lagun. His passion for his restaurant, the food and the general Newcastle food scene shines through in even the shortest of conversations. Mark works the room - every service, and that is rarely said for any restaurant. Words don't even cover how great the Beef Rendang is here. It's a delicious hug in a bowl with a bit of a slap on the face at the end from the chilli. Alas, it's not on the Restaurant Week menu, but order a portion anyway - no one should go without this during any meal at Electric East. Even if you don't go, at least give a follow on Twitter for the great banter.

Lane 7
Offering: 2 courses for £10, 3 courses for £15

I'm literally not even going to go in to how good Lane 7 is - it never disappoints and always sends me in to a food coma. To read more, visit my previous posts here and here.

Offering: 2 courses for £15

All hail, the powerhouse of flavour that is Sachins. Nearly 30 years of pure curry bliss, Sachins has held a special place in Newcastle's heart. From the endearing and extremely hard working duo that is Bob and Neeta Arora, to the ever warm and friendly team, you really feel at home when you dine at Sachins. Delightful flavours, and everything cooked just exactly as you want it - you will be in for a real treat for Restaurant Week.

My main picks from the menu would be the Sea Bass Kohiwada followed by the Lamb Labadar - anyone who has had lamb from Sachins before will be with me when I say it's the best lamb in town.

The Bridge Tavern
Offering: 2 courses for £10

I've been to Bridge Tavern a good few times now, and as much as I love to have a couple of glasses of wine after work there, it's such a great place to eat. My stand out dish was the most amazing fish and chips there. The fish was in the crispiest of batter, with the fish itself just flaking away from it's delicious coating. The chips were perfectly cooked (the best in town?) and the peas and homemade tartare sauce were bursting with fresh flavour. The menu for Restaurant Week includes Pea and Smoked Ham Soup, a Grilled Fish Burger with Triple Cooked Chips and Poached Cherries & Set Buttermilk Cream. How could you resist?!

So all in all, a great variety of restaurants and one for each day out of my picks. To view the full list of restaurants taking part, visit the website here.

So, this will be me for the whole of next week...

Happy eating!

K x