Prague / Worklife

It's not often I blog about work, so when I do - you know it's worth talking about. I regularly gab on to friends, family, anyone, about how great Marriott is. That's not just how great it is to stay in a Marriott hotel/how great it is to work for them/the Marriott family/stories about Bill (I'm by no means on first name terms with him, even though in my mind I feel like his extended grand-daughter) - but how great it is to be part of something huge.

Crazy-Marriott-lady views aside, I was enrolled in a catering training course - Sales University - in Prague this week. It sounds all very corporate, but I actually had the most refreshing experience. I'm not sure if it was just being out of Newcastle, out of the UK, or even out of my comfort zone - I thrived on learning new things, meeting new people and soaking up a new city. Here I wanted to share with you my crazy four days, mostly in pictures, about how much fun you can have at work.

My location for the week was Prague Marriott Hotel. Right in the heart of Prague, it's a great base whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. Fantastic hosts, amazing food (not always said for hotels) and fantastic rooms. All you basically want in a hotel is a comfy bed, good size bathroom, wi-fi and a place to relax. It ticked all of those boxes for me, with the added bonus of 4-star luxury.

I was in a meeting room for three whole days, however the hotel arranged themed breaks, lunch and little surprises in between. The food, oh my days, the food! There was so much, I'm actually longing to feel hungry again. Anyone that knows me, knows I can pack away ALL THE FOOD, however I was actually struggling to cope by day four.

Training was excellent; wine tasting, food techniques, creative idea sessions - everything I can get overly excited about. All of this peppered with more delicious food to eat, more coffee and more story-exchanges about hotels.


I had two evenings of free time. One of the evenings was basically room service and this...

Thunder, fork lightning and pelting rain. Lush.

The second evening I took a walk down to the river with a colleague, and also ended up at Hard Rock Cafe Praha. We had a seat overlooking the stage, where if you had one too many Cosmopolitans (I didn't) you would think it was Roxette playing (I did) and (it wasn't). I loved the huge guitar lighting feature, and the food was basically what you would expect from a Hard Rock Cafe.


It wasn't all food, Prague is such a beautiful city and you just can't help gazing up at the immense architecture and design.

I travelled with KLM (NCL-AMS / AMS-PRG) with Cath Kidston hand luggage (of course) and read Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy (FINALLY) during flights.

Here's my surprise interaction with KLM:

I was impressed! Considering it was a non-targeted throw-away comment, they are hot on response! Maybe could have been hot on getting their planes out on time, but still, I had the warm glow of knowing at least someone is reading my tweets.

So basically, my trip included:

3 delayed flights
29 cups of coffee
32 desserts
1 lost (and thankfully returned) phone
31 Tweets
5 Facebook posts
2 blog posts
203 photos taken
4 (unflattering) photos deleted
1 very tired blogger, back to work with a bang, looking forward to some Geordie food and a weekend at home.

Now for the corporate bit: if you would also like to do all of the above and be just as mad on Marriott as me - apply here.

K x