Review: The Lush Spa

For many years, I have been a lover of Lush products. My first purchase was a bath bomb and a slab of soap from the Princes Street, Edinburgh store way back in 2000, and I remember my glee when the Newcastle store opened up a few months later. I was hooked from the dizzy smells of Rockstar soap and enlightened (literally) by Buffy the Backside Slayer. Now, I'm a little more 'grown-up' and enjoy American Cream hair conditioner and Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter.

For a good 2/3 years now I've stared longingly at the magical doors leading to the Lush Spas of Leeds and Edinburgh, wondering what enchanting treats and wonderous things occurred behind them. It wasn't until a planned trip to Liverpool I decided to make years of wondering in to an actual visit. The Lush Ladies of Liverpool (as I like to call them) were great from the first phone call. Now I'm not sure whether it was the accent (yes, I have a thing for a scouse accent) or just the fact they are super happy (probably high on the smells I mentioned earlier) and super helpful. For such an amateur Lush-Spa-goer as myself, I was put at ease and didn't take much persuasion to book in. 

Now if you plan to keep the mystery just like I did - don't read any further - it WILL ruin it for you.

I opted for Tailor Made. A good entry point price wise at £40 per person, and also a good starter treatment if you've not been before. The only pre-advice I was given that wouldn't ruin any surprises about it from the Lush Ladies of Liverpool was that it was a mix of deep tissue massage and relaxing massage, along to the sounds of sea shanties. Magic. 

You check-in at the till in the Lush store, and invited to have a wander round the Lush store. It's basically foreplay for what you're about to receive in the Spa. The therapist comes to collect you, and opens the magical door and leads you upstairs to where the magic happens. The cutest kitchen and living room is surprisingly housed above the shop, where you instantly feel like you want to take off your shoes and move in. You're sat at the kitchen table with an array of Lush products in front of you. I chose the Therapy massage bar and the Big Blue bath bomb. I was slightly concerned I was choosing a bath bomb as I hadn't accounted for a bath, however it was explained it's purely for effect. So much magic.

On entering the treatment room, the sound of boats coming in and the rolling waves of the sea fill the room, along with the scent of the bath bomb as it's poured in to what I think was dry ice to set the scene of being 'aboard'. The photo does this aroma-dance no justice...

My massage was so soothing - apart from the sharp knot-ridding moves, however afterwards I was high. High on smells, high on being so relaxed, and high on feeling magical. It's not just a massage, it's a full stimulation of senses, one of the main objectives of the Lush Spa - which shines through every theatrical and tactful thought process behind this whole operation.

Post massage, you're invited to the living room for tea with a dash of Ships Rum to carry on the theme. Along with a biscuit, you're also given your massage bar to take home. 

It took a good half hour to pull myself together and locate the bathroom. I was told the bathroom had some products so you could freshen up. When I entered the bathroom it was like Narnia, full of every single Lush product you can imagine. I obviously took full advantage of all of the products - including some of the make up products that I've still not tried. It took all my strength not to turn on that shower and lather up.

I've had many a spa day and many a massage, but nothing really compares to a treatment at the Lush Spa. If you would like to experience it, check out the treatments here. I would highly recommend it, and the more us folk from the toon rave about it, maybe Newcastle will have it's very own Lush Spa one day...

K x

ps to the Lush Ladies of Liverpool - you rock!


  1. I'm going to have the sound bath next week! So excited!
    Great review

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