Craft Beer Called - and let's hope it calls again!

Just last week we headed down to Craft Beer Calling - held in one of my most favoured of Newcastle venues; The Boilershop. Thanks to the lovely organisers we got weekend passes to make the most of the beer filled weekend.

As I looked out in to the crowd of beards, the usual beer-drinkers uniform of jeans and parker/hoodie/baggy jumper (delete as appropriate) was in full force, with the occasional smattering of ladies there for either supporting roles for the beards or there for a good feed with beers.

Surprisingly, I am quite partial to the odd real ale. I still despise the smell and taste of lager, but give me a dark, earthy beer and I'll be quite happy. This is however, ON OCCASIONS. You would normally find me with a red wine or G&T in hand, but when the event allows, I'll mix in with the beards and comment on hops any day. High five to whoever was behind the glass design - so much better than a boring half-pint glass.


The food star of the show has to (has to) go to Electric East. Hardest working, best performing and provided the tastiest of dishes to soak up the beers. RENDANG SHOCKER: it's amazing with Lamb. I've always been a sucker for a box of Beef Rendang at every single Steamer event, but this time round, Mark mixed it up with some Lamb, which just melted away in the gorgeous Rendang. It was sublime and well worth the £5 price tag. Mark was on top from as always, and we also heard of the developments of the new bar: The Earl of Pitt Street - which I can't wait for.

Obviously, we ate more than Rendang, trying out the safe and satisfying Fat Hippo burgers, which was a perfect end of night snack.

Utter Swine did the best Smokey Pork Dogs, just licked enough by the flames that they were grill-icious. Longhorns BBQ offered out the ever famous pulled pork buns. So big, so tasty and so messy - there was no chance of getting a photo.

Hats off to the organisers and the suppliers, it was a very well managed event thanks to the 'Grafters' and a good time was had by all. Call again soon!  

K x