The Staiths Cafe

I live on the best estate in the North East, Staiths South Bank. I've written before on the Dunston Staiths, and the newest edition to our lovely community is The Staiths Cafe. To say I love the place is an understatement. Perched on the bank of the Tyne and slap bang in the middle of our estate, the Cafe has become the central hub of all of the goings on. 

On a recent day off, I escaped the home office to be a little more social. When it's just you, a freshly brewed coffee and a view of the river, you can get a lot more done than just mooning around the house.

Working with suppliers such as Scream For Pizza and Simply Cheesecake, the Cafe is keeping it very local and informal. It's great for some laid back scran, a catch up with the locals and plenty space to work from. If, like me, you need somewhere quiet to escape to and get blog posts done/read/think/etc - go here, you won't be disappointed. 

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K x

FYI - Curry night is generally on a Friday night, and Scream for Pizza night is Saturday. I would advise to check twitter for menus on the day!