A lazy Sunday afternoon on the Quayside...

Sunday is a day of rest. For me, a day of rest would normally equate to a jarmy/jammie/PJ day (whichever you prefer) watching Friends, but there are only so many days of the year that you can waste away on that before you end up becoming the hermit of hermits.

Living on the Tyne is great when the Quayside is just a stroll away - perfect for those Sundays where not much is happening and you need to get out of the house. It didn't take much debating on where to go for Sunday dinner and drinks though...

We got on to the Quayside a little early before our table was ready for dinner, which was an ideal time to have a nose around Upside Down Presents. Newcastle is really missing a shop like this. One of my favourite independent shops that sells quirky gifts is Utility in Liverpool who have nailed it in offering a great mix of local and unusual gifts. Newcastle has been missing that, however I think Upside Down is a great contender. While I was there I picked up a Geordie Gifts card for the other half and a great Christmas decoration. Reasonably priced, and most importantly - independent.

A short stroll across the road to The Bridge Tavern, starving, we nestled in to a reserved corner seat and ordered our Sunday dinner. A Sunday dinner to me is my food heaven (cinnamon being my hell btw), and no matter what tradition says, I need a Yorkshire pudding and lashings of gravy.

I have to be honest, I looked at the plate and immediately said - it needs more gravy. I battled through though, and really - it was fine. It was a great dinner, and a good feed for the cost. I love The Bridge Tavern anyway but the food is fantastic and all thanks to this fella; Tony Renwick. One thing I can say, he can knock up a great Yorkie...

Another couple of glasses of red down, we changed pace and stumbled across to Hop and Cleaver. I've dined there once, and it wasn't the best experience, so I really need to give it a second go. On this occasion though, we just stopped by for a drink. After our trip to Amsterdam this year, we drank a great beer; Affligem, and can we hell find it anywhere here. Fear no more, they sell it at Hop and Cleaver. I'm not even a beer drinker and I love the stuff.

After way too many drinks for a school night, we strolled back home to walk off some of the dinner calories.

For more info on either of these gems, here are some links for you:

The Bridge Tavern - Twitter - Facebook
Hop and Cleaver - Twitter - Facebook
Upside Down Presents - Twitter - Facebook

K x


  1. Sounds like a perfect afternoon! Those Yorkshire puddings look epic too, love the bridge tavern!!

  2. Everything they do is amazing - such a great local to have :)


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