Manos Venus Pause II Detox: Final Update

So, this is the end of the detox. 14 days of no caffeine, dairy, sugar, wheat or alcohol. My detox journey overall has been a fantastic experience, all courtesy of Manos Venus. I've written a few updates along the way, and now it's finished I wanted to share my progress.

Now, I have to be honest here from the start and hold my hands up. I cheated once - I had prosecco at a bar launch night (The Botanist - it had to be done). One thing I am really proud of however, is that I didn't cheat on food. Food is my vice; bread, cheese, buttery bakes - all the things you shouldn't really eat. Even today, my first day off the detox, I was still really tentative on what I was going to eat. My first working lunch of a sandwich took twice as long to get through - I just wasn't feeling it.

My first dinner off the detox was pretty tame for me; purple sprouting broccoli with lemon and parmesan with gnocchi and red pesto. It was delicious, but just not the same as the food I've been eating the past fortnight. I'm not going to preach here and say that 'normal' food is the devil. I'm not because I know for a fact I'll continue to eat it - just, maybe not so much. My usual tea intake in one day can at worst/best reach double figures, yet today I've not had a single one. I'm definitely more aware of the food I'm eating, and more so why I'm eating it. I eat when I'm hungry (and I mean properly hungry), not just out of routine. 

My final stats and progress:
- My will power is amazing
- I have so much more energy - especially during the day when I'd normally be slumped over my desk in a carb-coma
- My skin is the clearest its ever been
- My sleep pattern has adjusted for the better - hello solid 8 hours!
- I've taken 4 inches from my waist (where all the bread goes), 2 inches from my hips and 2 inches from my thighs
- In total, I've lost 10lbs in weight (I've put this last as it wasn't about the weight loss for me - more the will power)

This, obviously was all possible from the guidance and support of Manos Venus. I'd advise anyone wanting to try a detox to get in touch - I can guarantee that you'd feel 100% better from your normal self, and if I can do it in the most depressing month of the year - ANYONE CAN.

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