Almost Famous, Liverpool

We have started a little tradition of escaping in between Christmas and New Year. There's nothing else doing, right? Re-runs of the same-old on telly, all the good food has gone from the fridge and most of your Christmas joy is rapidly disappearing.

So this year, we escaped to Liverpool. Although we were just there a couple of months ago, I love the place. It is by far one of the best cities for shopping, and even better for places to eat. One thing that was pre-planned, was our second trip to Almost Famous. Oh the burgers.


Now they aren't fancy pants; they're messy, buttery and delicious. If you're planning a stylish night out all dressed up, you won't fit in. You turn up, you tuck in a piece of kitchen roll to your top and prepare to be burgered.

I've had two burgers; Triple Nom and River Phoenix. Not in the same sitting, I would have died - but my god they are precious, sweet burgers. If you're a lover of bacon, the River Phoenix is definitely for you; bacon, frazzles (yep, the crisps) and baconnaise. The Triple Nom is for the pulled pork fans, super juicy and super tasty.

The sides aren't shy and retiring either - the Love Hate Fries are smothered in Marmite butter, as well as a little side pot for extra dipping. They alone could finish you off - there is one portion size at Almost Famous; MANLY.

I loved it, and although they are also in Manchester and Leeds, I still dream of a day they pop-up in Newcastle. I would honestly fear for my arteries though...

You can follow them on twitter, and find out more here.

K x