Detox-Eve - god help me...

Well, it's detox-eve. I've purged the fridge of all the evil foods from Christmas (most of it eaten) and I am about to finish my last coffee for 14 days. It doesn't seem that long, but when you're a caffeine fiend as much as I am, you would understand my pain.

The key for making all of this happen for me is to plan. My life revolves around making lists, so obviously I'm in my element. If you're anything like me, using fantastic stationery makes it so much easier too. My 'Gems of Insight and Inspiration' notebook is currently available from Happy Jackson.

My main slip up is going to be the mid-afternoon slump in the office. To combat that, I have some little snack pots of almonds and pomegranate seeds. I am also dreading the weekend, which is usually a food blow-out of luxury breakfasts, followed by all day grazing and dining out late in to the evening. So, after stocking up on the fruits and vegetables from the good old Grainger Market, I'll be literally veg-ing out on Saturday.

My motivation is going to be pulling the positives out of each day. For that, I have been asked to create a happy jar, to store little notes of positivity every day for the 14 days. I'm also going to use this pot for storing the money I'd usually waste on an afternoon coffee trip/cake/the odd bag of crisps/etc I would have or money saved from not eating out.

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It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Wish me luck!!

K x