January: Dietary

The big D. It's synonymous with January. Everyone has pushed December to the excess and feels the need to purge for some reason. Diet clubs, gyms, personal trainers - January is their time to shine, with profits soaring based on the needy and helpless wanting to lose their all time high weight. Is it a con? Is Christmas just propaganda for these people?

Festive season aside, I have tried every diet going throughout my adult life. Even as a young teenager I dabbled in fasting. Classic yo-yo dieter apparently. Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Atkins, 'cereal diet', 5:2; all tried, tested and failed. Fad diets are no good for anyone - anything that restricts you immediately puts you on the back foot, making it easier just to give up. I enjoy my food too much, and now I'm of the opinion that I'd rather just enjoy what I eat and not care. Which is fine.

It's fine until you look in the mirror and think; Christ.

It's not specifically a diet I need, it's a change of mindset and lifestyle. So as from 7th January, I will be taking part in a two week 'Pause II - An intelligent detox' detox plan from Manos Venus. 14 days of pure clean eating, just like pressing a big reset button. Promising to aid digestion, kick start the fat-burning metabolism and most importantly increasing energy. Definitely need that in January.

I'll be documenting my progress and how the detox works on the blog from Wednesday - the ups and downs, and how it fits within my lifestyle.
To find out more about Manos Venus, visit the website here.

Wish me luck!

K x