Manos Venus Pause II Detox - over the worst!

I'm writing this post after 17 hours of fasting which was part of day 3, following my hero breakfast.

Day three was the best day of the detox so far. Fish and eggs have been my flavour saviour and I've eaten like a Queen. My headaches have still lingered, which I expected, however I felt amazing yesterday. I got through the day without feeling hungry, and best of all without feeling bloated. Normally I hit an after-lunch slump in the office where I feel stuffed, uncomfortable and uneasy. It's generally after a belly-busting lunch mainly made up of gluten and carbs, so it was refreshing to not feel like that yesterday and still not be ravenous. I made it until 7.30pm with my only afternoon snack being a handful of cherry tomatoes. I'd say I was winning yesterday!

My breakfast was salmon and eggs - a great midweek treat considering I normally have porridge every day. Lunch was the leftover roasted carrot soup and a handful of almonds as dessert. I made sure I was super prepared for yesterday after learning from my day one and two mistakes (see here).

For dinner, I planned a massive feast of peppered mackerel, poached eggs, asparagus and avocado. I think avocado may become my best friend next week. I fasted from 8pm, and by the time I knocked up some 'breakfast' I'd lasted 17 hours. Now, I'm not sure if this is a direct result of the detox, but my tastebuds were on fire this morning - as I was tucking in to my breakfast I could taste every single bit. Food is more tasty, and I'm enjoying what I'm eating far more than a 'normal' day.

Breakfast for me is always, always, accompanied by a steaming cup of tea or coffee, sometimes two one after the other. I could not have got through this detox without the one caffeine free tea infusion I love; Berry Orange Tea by The Teashed (available online, and in Fenwick). I've mentioned it in my previous posts, but I cannot stress how super tasty and refreshing it is; a mix of orange, whole pieces of strawberry and lemongrass. One large mug of that and I'm sorted for the day.

I must explain at this point, that it was no great deal fasting for 17 hours, especially as I slept for the longest, deepest sleep I've had in months - 11 solid hours. The great thing about this morning was that I had no work alarm, so I knew I could rest as much as I needed. Over the past month I've not slept for more than 3 hours at a time, feeling restless and uncomfortable. I'm not sure if it was stress/diet/whatever, but after last night I'm the most sprightly and energetic I've been in weeks. This is a huge step forward for me at this point in the detox as I was losing faith a little and was struggling with the dramatic change in diet, especially considering my previous form.

Our weekly shopping trip happens on a Saturday, and today the list is a very different one to normal; all made up of fish, nuts, vegetables and salad - no dairy, pasta or bread (oh how I miss bread) - as long as I can keep positive, this week should be a walk in the park.

I'd love to hear from fellow detoxers and January dieters about your experiences?

Stay strong Venus warriors - we're on the home straight after today!

K x