Manos Venus Pause II Detox: Weekend update

This detoxing is hard going, just saying. 

I needed some inspiration, and in need of some hard earned results. I was never in this detox to lose weight or shed inches, but the night before the detox I was weighed and measured, just to see where I was at. As horrific as the facts were, I knew that would change after the detox. So, on Saturday I weighed and measured myself, just to check-in on how it was going. Since Wednesday, I’d lost 6lbs. 6lbs! I’d also shed 1inch from my waist, hips and thighs. This was enough to give me a great surge in energy to keep going, and keep at it. I planned a massive feasted of

Although Saturday was a good day for me, by Sunday I was climbing the walls. I needed to get out. I’m used to dining out around 3 even 4 times a week at various places. Whether it’s a meat feast at Longhorns, a sly Slice from the Grainger Market (literally every Saturday) or an Afternoon Tea feast - dining out is my thing, and I really miss it.

The only detox-friendly place I could think of where I wouldn’t be led in to temptation was an old favourite – Latimers. Much of the menu is accompanied by either chips or bread, so I opted for the Fruits de Mer, which was delicious. Just on its own with salad, it was enough to fill me for the rest of the day. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone on the detox.

Apart from a fruit salad for breakfast this was the only meal I had on Sunday, along with a delightful bowl of Kale chips for a late night snack. No oil required, and just lashings of black pepper and some sea salt. This kept the hunger pangs at bay until Monday morning breakfast.

Monday was again another really hard day for me, I was starting to feel really restricted and wanted everything I couldn’t have. Bad times. It’s the first Monday on the detox, and Mondays are hard anyway, so I expected feeling a little low but this hit me like a truck during the day. I had no motivation, no energy and could have easily thrown the towel in. I didn’t though. I did however pick myself up with a huge steamed salmon and veggies feast, which was super tasty and reminded me of why I’m doing the detox. It’s all about the will power, and even getting this far, for me, has been a milestone.

I’ve embarked on another fast of 16 hours, so I’m hankering for lunch…

K x