Manos Venus Pause II Detox: In the beginning...

Two days down on the Manos Venus Pause II Detox, and they have been a hard two days.

Day one started the night before with all of the preparation. The morning consisted of a glass of water and a banana - a far cry from my normal hug-in-a-bowl porridge with a cup of tea or coffee. Still, I felt satisfied and plodded on at work. My lunch was a mixed bright salad, pimped up with some grated fresh apple and sprinkle of fennel seeds for a punch of flavour. Mid-afternoon was good, with a cup of Berry Orange Tea (available here) and a small pot of almonds. I felt great!

After a long day and a commute home, I normally look forward to either a home-cooked meal or going out to dine in town. Not tonight though. I think just the thought of what I was missing out on put an instant downer on me. I hung out as late as I could to eat, and had a huge bowl of Roasted Carrot Soup - the suggested recipe from Manos Venus. Although it was delicious, I was already craving a huge piece of sourdough or crusty bread to go with it. You may have noticed my deep-rooted habit here. I love carbs, and I love the bad ones. Grumpy because I couldn't have what I wanted, I made it an early night and shut down.

Day two - to be honest I wasn't looking forward to it. I woke with a banging headache (I never get headaches) and felt absolutely awful. Knowing it was the cold-turkey from caffeine, I battled through the morning and got through lunch no bother. It wasn't until I looked at the time in the office and it was already 4pm, way after I would normally have a sugar craving, I noticed that I didn't need to eat. I took this as a huge step forward - I can never pass 3pm without an afternoon treat to see me through to home time.

At this point I really took the time to think about what I was going to have for dinner. I knew I would be craving something to fill me up, and something super tasty. I planned a dinner of poached eggs, asparagus, baked sweet potato and steamed greens*. I normally have a sweet craving after dinner too, however I combat this with another cup of the Berry Orange Tea, and a couple of Deglet Nour dates - whether I'm allowed them or not, they tricked me in to thinking I was tucking in to a box of chocolates.

The moral of the above story - don't try and 'wing it'. Just don't do it to yourself. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn't. I didn't think hard enough about balance of diet, flavours, and more importantly the exact foods that will keep me feeling fuller for longer until my next meal. I also need to stop the negativity tricking me into thinking I can't have certain things so therefore I can't eat. I need to think positive, and plan meals that will excite me, rather than put me in a huff. I've also learned that I have way more willpower than I thought - I expected I would have folded and had at least a coffee at some point, but what's the point in cheating when you're only cheating yourself?!

You will notice from my Twitter and Instagram feed, I tend to photograph everything I eat - mainly things dripping with butter or bacon of late (example here). I've not taken a single photo of dinner these past two days - mainly because I need to work at my meals looking good, rather than just being good, and being proud of the plate!

After putting day two to bed, I'm looking forward to tomorrow now I know I'm armed with a good menu!

K x

*I'm going to be super honest - in my mind it was laced with hollandaise - it made it better.