Valentines Day - hide or seek?

Valentines Day for most means spending a fortune on tat cards and trinkets that symbolise love and affection. Does it though? I'm a huge cynic, or have maybe just outgrown the phase of tatty teddies and balloons. Valentines Day (now) means receiving an obligatory card, and maybe doing something to get in the spirit of St Valentine.

Quiz Clothing were interested in hearing my opinion on Valentines Day, particularly in Newcastle - so here it is; my Valentine recommendations whether you're hiding from it or embracing it...

For cards (and the inevitable gifting), my go-to place is now UpSide Down Presents (61 Side). It has a great selection of Geordie Cards and Gifts for your lass or your lad, and is a fab independent shop right on the Quayside. Forget Clintons or Card Factory; you need a card with personality to show you at least put some thought in to it.

I'm over the soppy meals on Valentines night (which generally involve restaurants hiking up the price of set menus and making the most of it), and I'm always looking to do something which is removed from the mainstream. This year, I'm marking the occasion with my other half at the Cleveland Tontine for their Valentines Afternoon Tea. One of my most favourite Afternoon Teas in the North East, the Tontine is always on my list as the go-to place for scones. You can read more about my previous visit here. For the Afternoon Tea, I'll be wearing heels and pastel colours to brighten up the afternoon - I'm tired of Winter colours now. 

For something completely different, or if you're ignoring Valentines all together, Lane 7 is the perfect place to avoid all the hype, and have a truly great night - more about Lane 7 here. Perfect for a great night out and a bloody good feed. Note for your outfit planning - wear something that will suit your snazzy lane 7 bowling shoes!

Quiz also asked what 3 songs would be on a Valentines mix-tape for my other half...
1. Friday I'm in Love, The Cure 
2. Here You Come Again, Dolly Parton
3. Don't You Want Me, Human League (our favourite karaoke duo classic)
You can tell from the selection, it's more about the personal connection to the song, rather than just selecting any soppy song from a Valentines compilation album. If you're putting together a mixed tape, pick out the songs that remind you of good times, rather than the generic Adele selection.

Whatever you're up to during Valentines weekend, enjoy it and own it.

K x