The North East tea saviours: The *Teashed

I have long been a fan of The Teashed. I love the fact it's a local business (Gateshead, no less) and also has a lovely lady at the healm; Jules Quinn. Jules has to be one of the loveliest lasses I've come across. She loves the word mint and is a non-stop powerhouse of ambition. Never phased by how crazy busy she is, she absolutely loves what she does, and she does a bloody good job of it.

My last online tea haul was a good range; brewed tea bags, Pop-a-Balls and a selection of Fitteas. I had to resist the urge to purchase more vintage china this time - but they do have a great range

Now, I'm not going to gush on about how great it is, or how amazingly fabulous the flavours are; all I will say is try for yourself - you'll think it's mint just as much as me.

You will have recently read about my plight doing the Manos Venus Pause II detox. It was my own personal hell as it tested every bit of willpower I didn't even know existed. My biggest loss was my cups of tea and coffee, and I needed to find a bloody good alternative. At the time I had a cupboard brimming with Teashed products but the problem was they all had caffeine which on the detox was the devil incarnate. I knew Jules wouldn't let me down though. The perfect brew that I needed was at large on the website; shining like a beacon of hope in my time of need. This may all seem like gushing guff, but if you know me you'll know I like my tea; so finding a tea-saviour was akin to stepping in to Disneyland after hours. I gorged on cups of the Berry Orange Tea; I couldn't get enough of it. The Fitteas also helped with my detox too - especially the Yerba Mate Breakfast Tea and Senna Mix Pre-Dinner Tea. You can buy the full range of Fitteas in one box to try them out, and I definitely recommend it as a break from caffeine.

To get yours, you can purchase some of the products in Fenwick food hall, or online here.

Just recently, Jules (as if she's not busy enough) has opened up a Bubble Tea Bar in Fenwick food hall. Although I couldn't make it to the launch, I have tried a couple of the teas and they are something else. The Pop-a-Balls are bursting balls of joy, giving an intense kick of flavour to your beverage. Get there soon though, it won't be there forever unfortunately. You can also buy the Pop-a-Balls to make your own creations at home. I'm yet to try mine out, however I'm likely to have mine in a summer cocktail - any suggestions???

Hats off to you Jules; you're one mint lass!

K x