Tyneside Bar Cafe (insert movie pun here)

The Tyneside Cinema holds a dear place in my heart. I've had many chats over a coffee and cake up in the 2nd floor tea rooms, many evenings in Intermezzo searching for apartments/organising weekends/general life updates whilst sipping on coffee or cocktails with the occasional bite to eat. I endearingly call it TC when casually chatting about it, so that is how I'll refer to it from this point on. Yet still, shock horror, I've still never seen a film at the Cinema. I'm not a film girl really - so don't be expecting any movie quotes littering my review here.

The Tyneside Bar Cafe is the new kid on the block, adding to the TC empire. It's a swanky new addition to the heart of Newcastle, and could easily serve as a stand alone restaurant - not just somewhere to grab a bite before a film.

A Head Chef that means business - 9 years with Terry Laybourne no less, is enough to get any foodie's eyebrow raised. In a quote from the man himself, their main aim is to 'produce seemingly simple sounding dishes, but in such a way that they’re the very best of their kind'. That is really what it's all about here. That and shoehorning in some movie-titles in to the menu. This was completely lost on me (see intro) but Newcastle Eats seemed to spot them.

I'll be honest, my pictures are abysmal as I chose to enjoy my food rather than spending half an hour on taking photos of it, but here's what I had...

Smoked haddock fish cakes with creamed leeks and fries
Special - pulled pork bun with slaw
Popcorn panna cotta
Sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream
The food was satisfying, flavoursome and great value for a city centre restaurant. Most main courses are less than £10, and desserts at a purse saving £3.95. Hearty portions and certainly worth a special trip for.

One thing I have always loved TC for, is the staff. Service is relaxed, informal and friendly - with a keen interest in making sure everyone enjoys themselves whatever their visit. Within the service industry, it's very easy to lose interest after umpteen long shifts, day in/day out - but the people here have not lost their passion for what they do, and it shows.

All in all, a tasty visit - as always with TC. It's a great place to eat post shopping, pre-cinema/theatre or for a lazy weekend brunch.

K x