Boots Seventeen - not just for teenagers?

Never in my pre-30 years have I bought 'budget' makeup. I'm not sure why, but maybe it was because I was a Clinique girl from the age of 14. Not buying much make up, but when I could with my pocket money, I would invest in the best. Now in the peak of the age of consumerism, I have starting buying make up every week - constantly wanting the latest colours/formulas/etc. Media plays a massive part in this, especially the intricately staged Instagram photos from beauty brands. They make a casually-strewn lipstick and blush look so covetable atop an eye-wateringly expensive dressing table, so the scroller thinks, god - I need a new lipstick and blush. NOW.

From casually scrolling through Instagram (see above), I had a similar thought; I needed a contour kit, brush and eyebrow kit. I didn't, btw. Knowing this in the back of my mind, I took myself off to Boots and gave myself a budget of £20 for all three items. With my make-up history this was impossible. My last eyebrow kit (Benefit Browzings) was £24.50 alone. The new brush I wanted was this one. I had no chance. I didn't want to compromise on quality/quantity/anything, really. Why should you - it's stuff that's going on your face; don't ever compromise. 

Boots is a brand I trust. I've been shopping there for years; from my first pre-teen dabble in skincare purchases to my weekly beauty haul trip in my 30's. So why shouldn't I trust their own brand make up? Seventeen has always struck me as an early-teen make up brand. I generally walk past the aisle (clubbed together with Natural Collection/Barry M/Miss Sporty - you get the gist), hunting for my more premium fail-safes. With a budget of £15 though, I had to hunt for the budget aisle instead.

I settled on the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit (£5.99), Seventeen Contour Brush (£2.99) and Rimmel Brow This Way (£3.99). I wanted the Seventeen Brows That! set, however they were all sold out - but it does look good for £5.99. By the by, after coming away from the shop with everything I went for - I still had change. A total of £12.97 and a total bargain.

I've been using the Seventeen contour kit for a month now, and it's showing no signs of disappearing. Long-wearing and natural colours; this is a great starter kit for a contouring novice. It's well worth a purchase if you're just playing about practicing, or need an everyday low cost option. My only gripe is that it is very drying. I almost double up on moisturiser during the day just to compensate for the powder sucking the precious moisture out of my cheeks. Powder is much easier to apply too if you're not a dab-hand at contouring. My next move is going to be the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour for the summer for a deeper colour. If anyone has already tried it, I would love to know your thoughts.

The Seventeen powder brush is good value. It's soft, durable, washes well and no loss of bristles. For £2.99 I wasn't expecting the best, but it's just as good as powder brushes I've paid £20+ for. For the amount of different powders and blush I use, it's a great option for a go-to brush.

The brow kit though; no. I'm not a fan. I got the darker of the two shades available as my brows are quite dark. It has a wax and a powder that you can use to define, fill and soften your brows. There is a two sided flat brush and a combing brush. You may as well just throw the flat brush away - it's neither use nor ornament. The wax is strange. You almost need to scrape it on to the brush, and it doesn't really do much to your brows. The powder is a little better. Although the pigment isn't very strong it applies quite thick, so you only need a little, otherwise you'd end up looking this this

Apart from the brow kit fail though, I was pretty impressed. I would definitely buy Seventeen again if I wanted to try a new shade or product before making the plunge with a more premium brand.

I'd love to know of any other budget buys that are a great substitute for the more expensive brands?

K x