Mane & Tail Shampoo and Conditioner - the equine beauty secret.

My first go of Mane 'n Tail was after last years trip to London when I came across the brand stocked in Liberty's. I dabbled in the conditioner and the hand cream, although they were sold out of the shampoo. It wasn't until my hair was in desperate need of attention that I remembered to give it another go.

The product was originally for show horses and ponies, to keep their manes and tails not only super clean, but healthy and super glossy. It wasn't long until someone decided to use it on their own hair as well as the horses that it became a beauty must-have.

My hair is thick; super thick. It takes a good 30mins+ to blow dry, and it takes a strong conditioner to keep it glossy. Most days my hair is tied up for work so I don't overload my hair with product midweek, only on a weekend when my hair gets a chance to be dressed up.

The bottles have lasted me 6 weeks, as you really don't need much for a thorough clean. The shampoo has the strangest consistency I've ever seen, quite gloopy(?). It's very clarifying - cleaning your scalp and hair from all built up product. You do need to lather on the conditioner, as it shampoo is extremely cleansing so it needs an extra bit of moisture. You get that squeaky clean feel, which is something most shampoos don't offer these days. Here's my hair without any styling products, after just using the shampoo and conditioner...

One of the benefits of the conditioner is that it aids hair growth. My hair grows really quick anyway, but my hair did feel fuller and easier to style. It's definitely worth a purchase if you've exhausted the hair care aisles of Boots and the like.

You can buy Mane 'n Tail from various online outlets, including Liberty. To find out more information on the brand, visit the website here.

K x


  1. I'd been totally ignoring the hype assuming it was the daft idea of some equally daft girly girls but now I think I'm going to have get some and give it a whirl. Your hair looks lovely Kate! Sx

  2. I've already purchased mine! I tried Nioxin as my hair is very fine and I was starting to lose it. My hairdresser complains I have too much hair when she's trying to blow dry it. I'll let you know how I get on x


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