Dabbawal Street Food Kitchen, High Bridge Newcastle

Recently I was invited to try out the updated menu and view the new interior of Dabbawal in Newcastle city centre. It's been about a year since I was in there last, so it was a welcome visit - especially on a sunny midweek evening. It's a one that's perfect for both date night, and a night out with the girls; a great all rounder that has a great reputation. I've recommended many folk there in the past, knowing it delivers in both quality of food and dining experience.

The restaurant is nestled in High Bridge, and is quite cavernous and cosy inside, with an industrial feel. We were seated with cocktails to start, and a few surprises before ordering our food. The service at Dabbawal is the best you'll find in Newcastle - so friendly and informative; just what you need when you could easily order the entire menu. Needless to say, we needed a little guidance.

We tried out the Kaffir Lime Cosmopolitan and Mango Lassi - both very refreshing, accompanied by the familiar poppadoms and pickles. Very shortly after came a couple of different dishes to try; including Bombay Bomb (you may know this as Pani Puri from other restaurants), Bhel Puri and Sweet Potato Chaat. From my very first try of Pani Puri a few years ago, I was hooked. The Bombay Bomb served here is no exception - it's a flavour explosion, and one that smacks of freshness and takes your mind on to the streets of Mumbai.

We then had a selection of main courses, breads and rice to graze for the rest of the evening. My particular favourites were Railway Lamb and the King Prawn Bhuney Masala. The lamb was super succulent and packed full of flavour, with just enough sauce to use up all of the naan breads. After trying quite a large selection of the menu, I would recommend taking a couple of the tapas from the Chaats and Street Classics menu, and then choosing a couple of Big Eats for two. The portion sizes are very generous, and you need to arrive hungry for a feast here.

After all of that food, and a glass of red (or two/maybe three), there was really no room for more. After having our leftovers all boxed up and bagged, it pained me to decline a dessert; all of which looked too tempting. I'm not normally one for 'bagging up' as I'm an awkward and shy Brit, but it really should be a lot more common in restaurants. Big thumbs up here.

If you've not yet been, it's a welcome change to the usual restaurants in town, especially if you're looking for somewhere with a great atmosphere. View the new website here for more information on menus and opening times, or give them a follow on Twitter for some restaurant banter and gorgeous food pics. 

K x

*Restaurant interior images courtesy of KG Photography