Hendricks and Fentimans - the perfect match

Since it was World Gin Day yesterday and there the Gin Festival being in town this weekend, it seemed only fitting that I published this blog post today, showcasing two of my favourite beverage brands; Fentimans and Hendricks. After receiving this hamper, I've also become the worlds biggest Gin snob.

It was a HUGE hamper - and for a gin and 'fenties' fan like me; it was like Christmas. Not a month goes by that a bottle of Hendricks is consumed in our house. Since the start of the year, umpteen bottles have been consumed (not all by me I have to add). You only have to look at my Twitter and Instagram feed to see how obsessed I am. It's the staple Gin for us; easy drinking and such a versatile flavour that the possibilities of accompaniments are endless. I've lived in vain over the years thinking that 'any tonic will do' with Gin, but with the increase in Gin bars across the land - I've been proven very, very wrong. When one of your life goals is getting through the entire list at Pleased to Meet You, you know you're slightly Gin-crazy.


For the purists, Hendricks is served best, quite simply, over lots of ice in a tall glass with fresh, crunchy cucumber. I prefer a little mint, and one of the most memorable Gin pours I've had was at Bramble in Ediburgh; a Mint 500: Hendricks Gin, Elderflower, Apple and Lime Juice, Mint, Basil, Peach Bitters and Vanilla Gomme. If you're ever in Edinburgh - check this bar out. It's such a hidden gem (so hidden that it took us 4 trips to find the place), but oh so worth it.

Back to the hamper, I was more partial to the 19:05 Herbal Tonic Water over the standard Tonic, however it was the combo of Gin and Pink Lemonade that was the winner. Refreshing, slightly sweet and the perfect summer drink - definitely a one for a night in with the girls (realistically though, it was just me and Jeff).

If you're partial to some more in-depth Gin-chat - head over to Gin Monkey blog - it's mint. If you're also a Hendricks fanatic, you can visit The Vermont Hotel, where they use Hendricks tea-set for Afternoon Tea...

K x