Brow do you like it?

Let's talk brows.

Years ago they were just there to be maintained and not really thought about. Now, it's all about the brow. Said years ago, I used to have mine waxed within an inch of their life, and I looked ridiculous - hence why there is no #throwback inserted in this post. Now, in my 30's (*cries*) I physically will not leave the house without doing my brows. This 'palava' as the other half describes it includes taming, filling and highlighting - same as every other girl who loves their brows. I've used a multitude of products in the past, and I don't really have a go-to product so that I can have my pick of the new products on the market. Past favourites have been Chanel Sculpte Sourcils, Benefit Browzings and Boots No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil. I prefer to keep my brows natural, without trying to make them too much of a uniform shape. I don't know what anyone thinks of those stencils that you can use to get various brow shapes, but my efforts of using them in the past make me look more like this. Here's my everyday brow look...

You can see they aren't very high-maintenance and still very natural, which I much prefer. I used Benefit Browzings in medium for this image. Aside from using products, I don't really maintain my brows in any other way. No plucking, waxing or threading. So when I was invited along to the relaunched Benito Brow Bar in House of Fraser at intuMetroCentre, I felt like an imposter not really knowing what to do. The new brow bar is part of a full refurb of the House of Fraser beauty hall, and it's looking mighty fine now boasting a Jo Malone boutique and MAC counter. I couldn't believe that for the largest shopping centre in the UK, you couldn't buy Jo Malone other than in Newcastle; but now our prayers have been answered thanks to HoF.

Soon enough though, I was in the chair. After a consultation and advice of just needing a little tidy-up, threading was happening. I'm a little late to the party with threading as this was my first time. It tickles like hell, but it's so much better than waxing or plucking. The team here are excellent; and put me enough at ease to trust them with my brows!

Here's me thinking I didn't need threading; but now I think I already need to go back. I'm still keeping the brows the same; just a little tidier. You can head over to Benito Brow Bar in House of Fraser during the full opening times; they also do packages which will be great for the party season ahead of us!

So go forth, embrace your bushy brows - but please brow responsibly.

K x