Cosy nights and candle scents

Just as we thought we were breezing through winter without a care in the world (remember that balmy day in December?) we're now facing the 'Arctic blast'. January is always a dull month. Cold, dark, boring...the list of negativity for January is endless. I tend to hibernate A LOT in January. The least I can leave the house the better, preferring to curl up in the warmth of my living room in pyjamas drinking endless cups of steaming hot tea. This year, for the first time in years, I've not made any bold statements of taking part in dry January, detox phases or making any wild resolutions I know would be null and void after the first weekend. I've resided to the fact that in January, if you need me, I'll be at home eating/drinking what I want, and lazing as much as I like.

I'm not great at lazing about until after I've done a full clean and tidy of the house, and the reward of that is lighting my favourite candles (all of them) and pouring a rather generous glass of wine. This has basically been the status of our house since the nights started drawing in. After buying, and hating, many candles in the past, I've always struggled finding my go-to favourite. A favourite that you can always rely on and makes you think of home. For about a year now, I've been filling my home with Alkamy candles, and I've never looked back.

I've known Kay, owner of Alkamy for over a year now, meeting her first at a Christmas Market at Vallum Farm back in 2013. From my first purchase then, I no longer buy any other candles. I've come to realise that not only are the most luxurious of brands so eye-wateringly expensive - you can literally just watch your money burning away in front of you - they aren't anything more than a label to show off to your guests. I mentioned to Kay that my most coveted scents of all was Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone, and she pointed me to her most favoured products. Having spent a small fortune on the candles in the past, I'm now a full convert to Alkamy's version; Black Pomegranate. I LOVE IT. It's a softer fragrance - not one that will take your eyeballs out if you get too close, and also 100% natural. It's no wonder it's also their best seller. After that, my faves are also the White Pomegranate and the Pink Champagne & Pomelo. Some scents are seasonal - I'm already eagerly awaiting the new spring fragrances for 2016.

I generally go for the round tins pictured above which can be recycled, however you can get various shapes/sizes online. I also treat myself to the gift box (pictured below); holding a scented round tin candle, gorgeous Lemon and Coconut hand and body lotion tin and a lip balm. It's my go-to treat if ever I need a little pick me up. You can pick them up here. The hand and body lotion is divine - super rich and creamy, sinks in to the skin with a long lasting fragrance. There's talk of the Black Pomegrante coming available which I'm buzzing about after trying a prototype last year. The lip balms are also just as luxurious - however I tend to stick to natural rather than scented or flavoured.

So go forth, fill your front rooms with Alkamy candles and hibernate under a cosy throw for the rest of January's dark nights - not only will your bank balance thank you for it; you'll be supporting an amazing local business from Whitley Bay!

K x

For more information on Alkamy, visit their website, or give them a like on Facebook to keep up to date.


  1. As a recipient of Kate's kind words I wondered who had commented on my page and discovered it was you...and WHAT a review you've been given ! If this woman is powerful and widely read we will become RICHER than we could possibly imagine ! So HOORAH for Kate !


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