Handbags at dawn*

Sunday for me goes one of two ways - lazy, involving pyjamas all day or super productive and cramming as much as you can in to it before the looming depression of Monday. Last Sunday was the latter. On the rare occasion that the sun was shining early morning (pretty much the same as above, without the heat and lack of outerwear), we headed along to the Quayside Market. I'm quite lucky that I live on the river, so it's a nice 20min stroll along, plus I had the promise of breakfast at Long Play Cafe. The market isn't what it used to be, and that's a good thing. Gone are the days of stalls selling tat and rave tapes (although there is one guy still there if that takes your fancy); there is now a great selection of local artisan producers and gift stalls. This week though, I wanted to give David Nash a visit for a new handbag...

I've had my eye on David for quite some time. He's been a constant at the Quayside Market for as long as I can remember, and has been making leather goods for longer than I've been born. Plus, he's an absolute scream. If you already follow him on Facebook, you'll know. His boards and product descriptions give you a giggle as you walk by, and he has a story for everyone. Just last week he was telling me that Cheryl is after him following her recent divorce...

I remember David making some gorgeous chunky satchels, which I had my heart set on. Unfortunately he no longer makes them, but he does still have some hairy cowhide messenger bags that are on my next shopping list. There are so many purses, pouches and money pockets to choose from, in the end I settled for two gorgeous little finds. I spent £20 and came away with a hand crafted (by David) wallet purse and a hairy cowhide clutch bag. The wallet purses are everything you need in a purse; a little zipped compartment for loose change, a couple of card slots and space for notes. It's a simple fold so it will fit in the slimmest of bags without bulking up. The clutch is technically a make-up case, but easily makes a casual clutch bag, and fits pretty much all of your essentials in. I may end up customising the zip pull to give it a little jazz, but it's a great bag. Both are so well made, and something that will last for an age - and the biggest plus point, David is local. Not only are you buying very high quality, you're also supporting local trade.

If you're down the market give David a wave, buy something and feel happy that you're supporting local producers.

K x

*Maybe not dawn, but the Quayside Market opens at 9.30am on a Sunday


  1. What an amazing sounding man ! If I wasn't him already I'd certainly want to model myself on him !

  2. Looks nice :)
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  3. If you already follow him on Facebook, you'll know. His boards and product descriptions give you a giggle as you walk by, and he has a story for everyone.

    1. I was lucky enough to have two boards named after me! He's such a scream - always a story and the bags are just a bonus!

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