Something for the weekend...

You'll have heard the word on the street - Lane 7 has been pimped up (again) and has a new snazzy activity. The Racing Rig is locked and loaded, and is ready to go. We headed down to try it out earlier this week - come on, there couldn't be a new Lane 7 thing and me not trying it. If you've read my previous Lane 7 post, you'll know I'm mad keen on the place, and have been since it opened. What did we ever do before this glorious time??

The Racing Rig has been for over a week before the launch, and the more I seen if it on Twitter and the like, I was very excited to try it out. Obviously on the day I was all too confident with it, thinking yeah - I'll be great at this, bring it.

Yeah, you'll need a few practice laps. After getting your license, you're then sent up to the Racing Rig. There are 10 seats, so if the seats are full, it also means the track is full. Think wacky races, more than scalectrix. After a qualifier, you're ready to race - and by god it gets competitive. I gave up at one point trying to work out my left from my right (be warned - it's harder than you think). Mix it up with a few drinks - there's a reason you can't drink and drive on actual roads, it's nigh on impossible. I'd only had a couple few proseccos and beers and for the first half of the race I was looking at the wrong car. You get first to 20 laps for £3 a go, or £10 for 4 races. Head on down - there's no booking required for this one, so it's a perfect activity to slot in before a bite to eat; or before you take the stage in the karaoke room.

Then there's the bait. There's been a recent shake up at Lane 7, whereby the beloved Chris has gone to pastures new in his own restaurant, however the legend lives on in the menu. Yes, it's different but you can still get many, many meats to satisfy the cravings. I'd love to have tried the Lobster Roll, but alas there were none left so that's one for the next visit. The cheesecake also sounded unreal, but again it's too damn popular so I opted for ice cream for a sweet hit. The meats were good; so good that it managed to shut a table of 6 up for 10 minutes. Prices seem to have dropped a little too, and hurrah - no supplements for sweet potato fries. Tip for restaurants: stop doing this, it's tight.
You can easily spend a full day/night in Lane 7, which is never a bad thing. In the many times I've been, I've managed to do at least 2 or 3 activities out of the 6 they offer. Pricey to do all of them in one evening, but a great way of gathering a group of mates, colleagues or just your other half and having a laugh at each other trying to negotiate the skills. Plus you have to get the obligatory Photobooth pictures done at the end of the night - however horrendous they turn out.

Race on down - it beats watching the Euros*

K x

*maybe, I mean - it's up to you.

Thanks to Lane 7 and Glue PR for the invite for this - racing and food was all complimentary to test it out before launch