It's a boozy brunch, Sweetie!

Ab Fab hit our big screens last week - and by hit, I mean whacked in the face by the biggest bottle of Bolly you've ever seen.

Photo credit: Tyneside Cimena

The Tyneside Cinema didn't miss a trick, natch, and held the perfect girly morning for all of us Ab Fab fans; It's a boozy brunch, Sweetie! Meeting in the Tyneside Bar for brunch; Eggs Royale and a choice of The Edina (Prosecco), Patsy (Champagne) or boringly, Saffie (soft drink) - perfecly customised for the day.

The bruch was a great chance to reminisce the good old days when Patsy and Eddy were in their prime, the great one-liners and the outrageous outfits. Remember LACROIX darling? As usual the Tyneside Bar didn't disappoint with their brunch offering. Oozing eggs on freshly made english muffins and just the right amount of tang on the hollandaise. All washed down with a nicely chilled bottle of Prosecco (or two) - it turned out to be a very good start to the morning.

Ab Fab was shown in the Classic; quite the regal surroundings you need for such a fashionable film. The film is as good as the title, and didn't disappoint at all. A whole bevvy of celebs featuring and all the old favourite characters were very cleverly drip fed in the story line throughout. Extremely witty and on occasions slap-stick, but it all made for a fantastic film with actual lough out loud moments. The ending is left wide open for a follow up too, just be prepared for a very abrupt ending when all you want is for it not to end.

Ab Fab is in cinamas now; but don't just go to an average cinema - hot step it to the Tyneside Cinema, Sweetie! If you'd like to book the boozy brunch - there are tickets available for this weekend, follow here to get your tickets.

K x