Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

There's a new product on the shelves - Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. Taking beauty inspiration yet again from Asia (again we're following the trend, not creating it), tissue masks promise to be the next best thing...

You would be right to shudder at the thought of a pre-packed face mask - previous form has been that they are thick, ill-fitting and smarting leaving your skin blotchy. These new kids on the block are much thinner, so much thinner, and are free of nasties that are guaranteed to aggravate your skin. It's described as something for 'an effective solution to rehydrate and revitalise the radiance of your skin'. It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, and contain hyaluronic acid to give it a moisture-kick and reveal smoother and brighter skin after use.

Now, you wouldn't name a product 'Moisture Bomb' if it wasn't absolutely DRIPPING in moisture. This mask is something else. Once removed from the wrapper, the sheer amount of serum on the mask makes it hard to unwrap and negotiate on to your face. I found that just placing it over your face and then removing the protective layer before you try and pat it around the contours of your face is much easier. The actual mask is generously sized so that it covers all of your face. It's worth taking some time to get a good fit on your face, as this mask needs to stay on for at least 15 minutes. The good thing with it is, you don't need to be laid down so that it stays on - you can do as you please - I chose to put some washing in; although you may want to do something a little more 'me-time' than household chores.

The mask doesn't dry out on your skin, which explains the sheer amount of product that it's soaked in. Once removed there was quite a lot of serum to massage in to the skin, hydrating the skin even more before bedtime. It's recommended that you use this before bed so that you get the full benefit of the intensive moisture, and after a thorough morning cleanse it worked a treat. It's an intensive once-a-week treatment that doesn't break the bank and gives your skin that well rested look and feel - definitely what I need at the minute. This mask is also a life saver if you forget to take off your make up after a night out (we all know everyone does it) and need some damage control in the morning. I'm guessing this would also be great to take on a long-haul flight for some extra hydration - although you will look like the above image, but you pick your battles I suppose💁🏻

The Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is currently on offer in Boots for a teeny tiny price of 99p (normal price £1.49). Stock up while you can!

Let me know how you get on if you try it.

K x


  1. I have been experiencing a dry skin and looking for some good hydration for my face. This face mask sounds good for the sensitive skin like mine but does it give lasting results? For longer lasting outcomes I think it is better to go for skin peel treatment London which hydrates skin from inside out.


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