A whole load of happy

Again, more bad news for the UK in the last week with another heartbreaking attack on London. We're also heading towards the election on Thursday - fingers crossed for good news there, but you remember the win for Brexit last year, yes? The less said about that the better. It's time we needed some happy.

It's so easy to get caught up in the bad, and missing the good that's happening. In an effort to board the 'keep calm, carry on' train, I've picked up on 5 things in the last fortnight that has made me happy in the midst of all of the bad news.

Puppy Love
I did it - I adopted a dog! I'll be writing a post soon on this, but I could not write a happy list without mentioning the newest member of the family. Chase is spending some time settling in this week, although he is already Lord of the Manor. Chase was adopted from Brysons Animal Shelter, and I am so happy I have been able to give a dog a loving home.

Lush Spa Time
Sometimes you just need a magical and whimsical hour with Lush. I have posted before about my first ever Lush Spa experience in Liverpool, this time I gave Leeds a try and had The Comforter. It was an hour long scrub and rolling massage that transports you to a world of pure imagination. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, as this is an experience where you really need surprises :)

Time off between jobs
The decision to take a little time in-between my last and my new job was the best I ever made. Me time is definitely up there as one of my happiest of things. Spending time doing nothing, spending time with friends, walks around town, playing dress up with my wardrobe - it's all great time. I had a fab first week with the weather too!

Take That
I've seen every Take That gig since they came back in 2006, and each time they manage to surprise and delight. The Wonderland tour was (as always) brilliant. I was at the Manchester Arena gig on the Thursday before the bombing, which is haunting, but I have some great memories of being in that arena, and no one can take that away from me.

Ok, so since planting a few pots it's done nothing but chuck it down. The garden loves it though - and seeing something grow that you've planted is so satisfying. The additions to the garden in the last fortnight have been lavender pots, hydrangea bushes and a peony plant in the faint hope that I'll get some gorgeous peonies for the house.

There's my whole load of happy...I encourage you all to do the same - write it down, tell someone - just get out there with everything that's made you happy in the last fortnight.

Stay strong, stay happy.

K x