Silver bangles - why buy when you can make your own?

To me, jewellery needs to have meaning - be it a gift or a carefully chosen piece. If I love it, I wear it to death. Actually that's true of anything - clothes, shoes, bags - you name it, I'll have worn it out.

A couple of months ago I won a competition (I actually won something - that never happens) on Facebook for a silver bangle workshop at The Glamorous Owl. I was over the moon! I've always wanted to make my own jewellery, but wouldn't have a clue where to start to be honest. So one sunny Saturday in September, me and the bestie headed to the class after fuelling up on breakfast from Blakes - handily just round the corner.

When you arrive you're placed at your work table with all the tools you need - I mean, just look at them - I didn't have a clue. Claire was so good at guiding you through the instructions and explaining why you take each step which was a great way to learn. Claire is a silversmith by trade, and you definitely benefit from her skills throughout the class.

Starting with the raw silver, you prep and create a bangle, before then setting and designing. After stopping for a break with tea and cake, it was time to think about design. I am in love with the styles from Oliver Bonas - minimalistic but stylish - so I went for a battered squared design. Over the two hour class I ended up with an absolute masterpiece. I was so surprised that something I had made (I'm so cack-handed) looked so good! Obviously it was all down to the fantastic guidance from Claire, but I'm in love with my new bracelet. All finished off with a little initial detail to make it my own - I've now got the jewellery bug and now I'm wanting to make a necklace to match.

There is something quite satisfying about taking a couple of hours out of your day to spend some quality time learning something new. Even just to concentrate on something that isn't work, or the normal run-of-the-mill tasks of life - it's a great stress buster. I'm not going to give too much away here, as it's such a good class I wouldn't want to ruin the experience. Claire runs these workshops throughout the year, and not just bracelets - there was a couple that made their own wedding rings a couple of months ago! I've listed the details below - go check them out.

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K x