An ode to Glamour Magazine

I remember the first ever Glamour magazine that went on sale in the UK in 2001. It's unusual size, a cover of bright colours and a fresh faced Kate Winslet. It was the new kid on the block, and for my then 17 year old self, the magazine I needed. Those oh so innocent days where iPhones and social media didn't exist. People walked down the street without staring in to a phone, people bought magazines to read on the bus, and Westlife, solo Spice Girls and Kylie were at their peak in the charts. How times have changed, and Glamour has been there through it all. I feel as though I have grown up with Glamour. It's seen through my late teens, early twenties and recently in to my thirties. With the news that the magazine will only be printed twice a year from 2018 - I'm pretty certain that it won't make it to my forties.

I have long been a huge fan of Glamour - its been on holiday with me, had many baths with me, moved house with me, been read when I should be reading other things - month by month it's been by my side. For that second cup of tea that was made, a well-thumbed edition would be re-thumbed, and I would always manage find something different for whatever mood I was in. Plus, Glamour is the magazine I've shared the most (as it's the only one I religiously buy each month) on social media...


Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the decision (even as I type with force) to go digital. In the age of millennials and shortened attention spans, online content is king and print is fading, fast. The traditionalist in me is fighting it - there is still a heart string of mine that is tugged for those that are my age and higher - we love the glossy pages. We love something tangible - something to pick up when we need a pick-me-up, to transport us to other places by reading each page. I just don't get that from reading a website - I was the one that never bought a kindle because I like the feel of a book. I know I won't be alone here, but this, is the sign of the times.

Glamour isn't like any other fashion magazine - it isn't just full of adverts, or only focussed on girly things - in those pages is some true journalism, hard-hitting stories and much needed advice. Glamour has tackled pay gaps, domestic violence, terrorism, rape - it's done it all. Sure, there are mega fashion campaigns, beauty pages, cover star interviews, which is why it is such a good bundle of joy all in a bound set of glossiness. It has everything - and I sincerely hope it continues even in its minimalist published years. For the online content - the news is that it will be a beauty-first online outlet. As much as I love beauty talk, I love variety more.

It's not just the magazine - I obviously couldn't write an ode without mentioning three of the absolute QUEENS of Glamour...

Jo Elvin - the editor in chief. Reading her editors letter each month was like catching up with that friend that you rarely meet up with but have a good old natter with whenever you do. There was just something that resonated every month that I would feel as thought that letter was written personally to me, not the whole readership. There are VERY few editors that manage to do this - most have a writing style that screams I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS - WILL THIS DO?, whereas I imagine Jo pours herself a glass of wine and gets cosy to take time out to write that letter especially for us. Although Jo will be stepping down from Glamour, I sincerely hope she continues with #clothesmyhusbandhates - they are everything on Instagram.

Dawn O'Porter - columnist. There is not a soul on this earth that doesn't love Dawn O'Porter. Her style, her fringe, her super fresh and honest opinion - all encapsulated on her page in Glamour. Every column that she's written, regardless of content, always leaves you with the reassurance that she has your back. She's been through it, bought the vintage t-shirt and she's offering the best advice for us all.

Alessandra Steinherr - beauty director. How this lady has time to do her job, take so many Insta stories AND look amazing I have no idea. I can barely get the energy to make a cup of tea sometimes. This lovely lass gives me serious beauty envy every month, and between Alessandra, Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons - they pretty much are all responsible for anything that goes on my face.

I am already mourning 2018 when I won't be on the hunt for the magazine to hit the racks at the beginning of each month - and I'm not entirely sure there is a magazine that will ever fill a Glamour void. So, for the remainder of the year, I will be fully embracing each copy and will wait in much anticipation on the design of the new print edition next year. The monthly mag will be a big monthly miss. To all at Glamour magazine, and the wonderful Jo Elvin, thanks for the near 17 years of magazine memories.

Your ever loyal reader,

K x