Because if you don't have a wreath on your door, is it even Christmas?

I have had a long-term romance with front doors with big, bushy wreaths hung outside. There is something promisingly cosy about it - as if behind the door is the ultimate cosy Christmas wonderland. Promise of crackling fires, chunky knitted throws and mulled wine on constant warm. Reality of wreaths on front doors is the anxiety of it being stolen, focusing more on the decoration 'for show' rather than inside your house, and the blind panic of what to do for Christmas.

The main point thought - is it even Christmas if you don't have a wreath on your door?

Here's one I made earlier...a couple of years earlier in fact. I'm still to plan my 2017 wreath!

I have had a good mix over the years of real and fake, and the real wreaths are ALWAYS better. A million times better. Whats more, is that there are so many 'make-your-own-wreath' events that are popping up all over the shop. Some have afternoon tea, some have mulled wine and festive tunes - whatever floats your boat, you're guaranteed to feel 100% christmassy after you have attended one.

I have listed below a selection of some of the better events around where you can make your wreath - based on experience, the package and also, because, it's Christmas.

The Feathers Inn, Hedley on the Hill
Ah, The Feathers Inn. Always nestled in a special place in my heart for many reasons. It's where we've spent many a birthday, Valentines and New Year - and even just the 'it's Sunday let's go to the Feathers' days. If you've not visited yet, why? They have their annual wreath making workshops in the pub, which are always sell out events. The Feathers Inn is a great place to feel festive - be sure to stay on for food if you have chance - the menus are outstanding.

Details: wreath (including oranges, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, ribbon), tea, coffee and mince pies
Cost: £30 per person
Dates: 5 / 11 / 12 Dec
Where: The Feathers Inn, Hedley on the Hill, NE43 7SW
More info: click here

The Green, Washington
I'm a Washington lass, and I can tell you that the Village is the only interesting best part of Washington. The Green used to the villages library, however now, it is a cosy little tea room, gift shop and florist. There is also a canny little wooden lodge at the back of shop where there are pizza nights and workshops. It's such a quaint little place, and you can usually find me in there on a Sunday afternoon. My usual order is an Americano and a homemade hob nob, or when they have the warm sausage rolls on the counter I'm all over them. Make sure you pop in the tea room for refreshments before hand, plus the gift shop is brimming with gifts and Christmas decorations.

Details: wreath, drink and sweet treats
Cost: £25 per person (additional decorations for the wreath are extra cost)
Dates: 24 Nov, 2 / 3 / 8 / 16 Dec
Where: The Green, Washington Village, NE38 7AB
More info: click here

Ruby Tuesday Events at Barn on the Bay, Widdrington
You may not have heard of Ruby Tuesday Events if you've not booked a wedding or event - but you should definitely check them out on Instagram even just to indulge on the vintage designs and flower arrangements. Ruby Tuesday Events are hosting their very first wreath making workshop at Barn on the Bay. It's such a great venue - perfectly situated near the beach for a long walk to blow the cobwebs away.

Details: wreath, tea, coffee, mince pies and mulled wine
Cost: £30 per person
Date: 10 Dec
Where: Hemscott Hill Farm, Widdrington, NE61 5EQ
More info: click here

Ellingham Hall, Northumberland
Ellingham Hall is not just a wedding venue - they are hosting a wreath making workshop on the 5th December, with a cream tea included after you have made your creation. This is perfect if you want to make more of a day out of the event. The extra bonus of this one is that you can forage your own natural materials from their garden!

Details: wreath, cream tea
Cost: £30 per person
Date: 5 Dec
Where: Ellingham Hall, Ellingham, Northumbrland, NE67 5EY
More info: click here

Photo credit: Ellingham Hall

Happy wreath making!

K x